Term & Conditions of GBS

Terms & Conditions Governing the Common Registration Platform of the GREAT Borneo Series (GBS)

  1. The common registration platform of the GREAT Borneo Series (GBS) is set-up to ease the registration process for runners who intend to sign-up for full marathon categories on all 3 marathon events in the Island of Borneo; namely, Miri Marathon (MM), Borneo Marathon (BM) and Kuching Marathon (KM) with the objective of achieving another recognition accorded under GBS after taking part and completing all 3 events within cut-off time announced by each event.
  2. Runners who intend to sign-up via this common platform is requested to read carefully the Rules and Regulations of each event which can be found in their respective official website before sign-up of all 3 events. The URLs are as follows:
    1. Miri Marathon (MM) - http://mmamarathon.com/race-info/rules-and-regulations/
    2. Borneo Marathon (BM) - http://borneomarathon.com/race-info/rules-regulations
    3. Kuching Marathon (KM) - http://www.marathonkuching.com/rules-regulations
  3. There will be no specific rules and regulation imposed by this common platform except on the following matters:
    1. Once registration is done and completed under this platform, no cancellation nor refund will be allowed; either for all 3 events or 2 events or remaining 1 event for whatsoever reason including but not limited to event cancellation, deferment etc;
    2. Request for deferment of any event to following year for whatever reason will not be entertained;
    3. No changes of details of participants such as tee/vest/finisher tee size shall be allowed;
    4. There is a one lump sum fee to be paid for all 3 events which is inclusive of the Goods & Services Tax (GST). The fee is in respect of registration fee for all 3 events excluding other side services such as race pack to be sent by courier, transportation etc.
    5. Runners are expected to choose the correct category; Open or Veteran based on their age as of race day of each event.
  4. Race pack delivery by courier service is not available under the Common Registration Platform of the GREAT Borneo Series (GBS). However, participants may email to the respective organiser to enquire on the availability of race pack delivery by courier service.
  5. The Secretariat of the GBS reserves the right to unilaterally add on, modify or substitute any of the above terms and condition of signing up all 3 events at anytime as they deem fit without prior notice. If there is any ambiguity in any of the provisions, the Secretariat shall be the sole authority which has the absolute, full, final and complete power to interpret it as they deem fit.

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